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In her recent Complex interview, 22-year-old rapper Kali revealed that she didn’t know Ludacris’ 2001 track, “Area Codes.” This took many social media users by surprise, as she’s recently landed herself a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for her song of the same name. She described coming up with the concept of “Area Codes” organically, claiming that Ludacris’ track had no influence on her song.

“I didn’t even know there was any connection,” she explained. Kali also went on to say, “Like, I never heard the Ludacris song before. So when people asked me that, I truly didn’t know what they were talking about. It was just super organic. When I hear people saying, ‘Oh, this is a Ludacris homage,’ I’m like, ‘Okay, but I really didn’t know anything about it.’ It was just like I literally felt like I got hoes in different area codes.”

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Fans Can’t Believe Kali Didn’t Know The Song

Kali Receives Backlash After Admitting She Was Unfamiliar With Ludacris'
Rapper Kali performs onstage at The Novo on March 26, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

After the interview came out, social media users were quick to share their opinons. “Honestly if that Kali girl didn’t realize she was basically quoting Ludacris on that area codes song, then someone else wrote that joint and just ain’t tell her,” one user claimed. “Lmaoooo,” another writes, “I love Kali but come on now, Ludacris’ ‘Area Codes’ was a hit. I refuse to believe that she never heard it in her life.”

Some fans came to the young rapper’s defense, however. One wrote, “Hoes In different area codes is a common phrase Bffr.” The fan also added, “y’all just be mad that new rappers don’t listen to ppl YALL consider to be rap legends. Why Tf would Kali be listening to any and every Georgia rapper? Some ppl just don’t listen to Ludacris that’s…a thing y’all.” Another said, “I HAVE NEVER heard Ludacris song ‘AREA CODES’ they tryna make it seem like Kali soooo wrong for not knowing that wack a*s sh*t. EVERYBODY don’t know every song df.”

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