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Bronny James will make his USC debut against Kansas State on November 6. USC has gone all-in on their best recruiting class in years. A price hike on tickets and a pre-season tour of Europe are both things being implemented ahead of their NCAA debut. With Collier and James on board, USC could see their first Final Four appearance since the 1950s. Alongside James, USC is also bringing in #1 recruit Isaiah Collier. The hype is very much real for the Trojans. Last year, USC went 22-11. That earned them a ten-seed in March Madness. However, they were eliminated in the first round by Michigan State.

Meanwhile, LeBron James, Bronny’s father, is about to enter his 21st NBA season. Despite contemplating retirement earlier in the offseasons, sources are confident that LeBron will return to the Lakers next season. LeBron has been very insistent that he doesn’t want to retire before he gets the chance to play alongside Bronny. However, former NBA star Kenny Smith has been something of a wet blanket in regards to Bronny making it to the NBA.

Kenny Smith Speaks To Bronny’s “Improbable” NBA Chances

Calling Bronny James’ NBA chances “improbable”, Smith expanded on his wild take. “75 years of basketball Big, there’s only been 5100 players that touch a floor!,” Smith said on BigBoyTV. He continued, “So to be waiting on your son to be one of those 5100, that doesn’t even make sense, like, he’s not waiting on his son. He’s wishing his son will make it”.

Smith’s take is valid, if a little pessimistic. James is currently ranked as the #19 prospect in the 2023 recruiting class, according to ESPN. Furthermore, he is currently projected as a lottery pick in the 2024 Draft. That’s the problem with statistics – they ignore the player in front of them. Unless he absolutely sucks in college, at least one of the 30 teams in the NBA is going to take a chance on LeBron James’ son. Hell, even if he sucks, a team will likely take a chance on him. After all, drafting Bronny James might also land you his dad. Follow all the latest sports news here at HotNewHipHop.