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Kid Cudi, who had previously hinted at retiring from music, appears to have changed his stance. The rapper-turned-actor has been building anticipation for what he called his “final” album since last year. Despite gaining recognition in the rap industry since his breakout hit “Day ‘n’ Nite” in 2007, the 39-year-old artist reportedly intends to bid farewell to his experimental contributions to hip-hop. The album will be released later this year. In a recent Instagram live session on March 9th, the Ohio native continued to tease his ninth solo album. He expressed his excitement and assured fans that they would deeply connect with the music.

Kid Cudi has clearly poured his passion and dedication into his new album. Additionally, he proudly declared it as his most powerful work to date. Cudi made it clear that the album would not disappoint. Several weeks ago, Cudi released the first single from the new album titled “Porsche Topless.” The track showcases his energetic and wild side, featuring fantastic synth-heavy production and skillful delivery over the beat. Furthermore, he also unveiled the title and logo of the new album, INSANO. The post was accompanied by a graphic featuring the scratchy green font on a dark pink background.

Cudi Shows Off Back Tattoo Via Miniature

Kid Cudi has unveiled his back tattoo on his Twitter. However, the rapper-turned-actor revealed it in an unusual way. He showcased it through a miniature figurine of himself. In the tweet above, the figurine depicts Cudi singing into a microphone. As we know, it also revealed a large tattoo on his back. Cudi claims that it is a real tattoo he has had for several months. The design should be familiar to fans. It is the same Moon Man cartoon that was featured on Cudi’s Man on the Moon trilogy box set cover art created by artist KAWS. The attention to detail in the shared images of the figurine is impressive. Cudi even expressed his intention to expand the series to include different poses and outfits.

Fans were amazed by the figurine’s uncanny resemblance to Kid Cudi. Some even mistook it for an actual photo of him. The realistic nature of the miniature model impressed many. Others were entertained by the juxtaposition of the small figurine and the regular-sized cat in the image. It’s worth noting that many other hip-hop artists, such as Travis Scott, MF DOOM, Playboi Carti, Nas, J Dilla, and Ghostface Killah, have also had their own miniaturized versions created. What do you think of the miniature? Let us know in the comments below.