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Kyrie Irving has certainly had a bit of a hard time with the Dallas Mavericks. Although he and Luka Doncic should have been a dynamic duo, they were anything but. They clashed on the court and ended up missing the playoffs. However, it seems like Kyrie is interested in staying in Dallas. He has a free agency decision to make at the end of the month, and some rumors point to him staying in Texas. Overall, this would be a very interesting development, that would require more acquisitions.

Of course, Kyrie Irving was being tied to LeBron James all season long. Fans just assumed that Kyrie would go to the Los Angeles Lakers. After all, they could use a point guard, and LeBron loves him. Now, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic, things could actually be going the other way. As he explains in the tweet below, Kyrie is trying to get LeBron to go to the Dallas Mavericks. Although, it doesn’t seem like we have an answer as to how LeBron reacted to that.

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Kyrie Irving Is Making Moves

One would assume that LeBron would rather just finish out his contract in Los Angeles. His son Bronny will be suiting up for USC this year, and he will want to see those games. If he were in Dallas, that would become a lot more difficult. However, you can’t help but imagine what a Luka x LeBron x Kyrie roster might look like. It would certainly be a lot of fun and would be absolutely box office, every single night.

Hopefully, we get some more information on this news soon. This year’s NBA offseason is shaping up to be incredibly interesting. There is so much to watch out for, and this recent development could throw a wrench in the plans of a whole lot of teams. Let us know what you think about LeBron potentially joining the Mavs, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from around the sports world.

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