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Lil Durk is someone who has done a lot in the music industry. Overall, he has become one of the biggest artists in all of hip-hop. Although, this is a fairly unlikely journey. Durk came up during the Chicago drill phase of the early 2010s. Many of the artists who helped birth the movement, unfortunately, haven’t seen the same success as Durk. Moreover, some of them died due to gang violence. Ultimately, this has made Durk a particularly unique voice in the hip-hop world.

He has been around a lot of violence throughout his life, and he has no issues with speaking on that with his music. For instance, on his latest album Almost Healed, Durk delivers an introspective view of his life and what he has been through. Fans have been loving this album, and the sales reflect that fact. However, it seems as though Lil Durk is already looking ahead. For instance, he recently said he would be making shorter albums from here on out.

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Lil Durk x Morgan Wallen

Today, he took to Instagram where he suggested that he might be interested in doing a project with none other than Morgan Wallen. Of course, these two have already collaborated together in the past. They have two tracks together, “Broadway Girls” and “Stand By Me.” Although Wallen has had a racist controversy in the past, Lil Durk has stood by him. While some fans are confused by it, others are interested in a collaborative effort between these two.

As it stands, Wallen is one of the biggest artists in America. His albums and songs always seem to be near the top of the charts. With Durk’s charting success, this would be a commercial slam dunk. Let us know what you think of the idea, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from around the music world.

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