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Lil Tjay listeners have been happy to see the New York native back in action over the past few months. He previously took time off to recover from his traumatizing shooting incident. The young star’s most recent performance took place in his home state on Sunday (June 4). He joined the impressive roster of artists entertaining the crowd at Hot 97 Summer Jam. Not only did Tjay pull out some of the biggest hits from his own discography, but he also brought out Ice Spice to show the world their “Gangsta Boo” collaboration for the first time live.

The Bronx-born lyricist’s set went incredibly well, but as HipHopDX reports, he appears to have run into some trouble backstage. In a video posted to TikTok by @lilmacc_, Tjay is seen being held back by a full team of security while yelling at someone on the other end of the hallway. “You’re gonna be fired!” he shouts multiple times while fighting to break free from the guards.

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Lil Tjay Wants Someone Fired ASAP

It’s unclear at this time exactly who or want warranted such a reaction from the 22-year-old. Nevertheless, he appeared ready to get physical should his team not have intervened. From behind the camera, the person recording can be heard saying “N*gga popped on Lil Tjay, bro.” Thankfully nothing serious seems to have come from the altercation, which means DaBaby’s backstage run-in with a fan tops this year’s list of wildest Summer Jam moments.

Following his own performance at the festival, the “BABYSITTER” hitmaker was approached by a female fan who offered to perform oral sex on him in front of the crowd surrounding them. While he seemed to momentarily consider the offer, reaching his hand down his pants, Jonathan Kirk ultimately declined and briskly walked away with his security. Afterward, the rejected patron didn’t hesitate to lash out at DaBaby on Instagram. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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