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Lil Uzi Vert has announced that their highly anticipated project, The Pink Tape, will be released sometime later this month. During their appearance at The Roots Picnic, they hinted at the album’s release window. During Uzi’s performance, they brought back the iconic purple dreadlocks hairstyle. It was a style that they had when their career initially took off, making it somewhat iconic. This choice thrilled fans on social media, who expressed their excitement at seeing this familiar style. One Twitter user wrote, “Holy sh*t uzi is locked, they boutta drop a classic,” showcasing their anticipation for the upcoming release.

Uzi has been gradually building anticipation for The Pink Tape, a project that has been teased since at least 2021. However, their updates about the album have become more frequent in recent months. In March, Uzi opened up to TMZ, revealing that they had been sober during the recording process. Initially, it was challenging for them. However, after about a month, they became accustomed to it. Uzi expressed that they had anticipated their creative process to be different without drugs, but it turned out to be even better. They found that they could think more clearly, and their words were no longer slurred. As a result, their music became more coherent, and they were able to create songs with specific topics and avoid simply improvising or playing off the beat.

Lil Uzi’s Rehab Stint

Lil Uzi Vert was featured on the cover of 032c Magazine recently. The cover story, however controversial, provided some pretty valuable insights into the artist’s life. During the interview, Uzi shared that they had spent seven months in rehab. It was a decision influenced by Desiree Perez’s encouragement. Initially, Uzi was skeptical about entering rehab, as is often the case for many individuals. However, the experience turned out to be beneficial, and they currently feel very positive about it.

“I’m lucky to have people in my life who truly care about me and my well-being. Specifically, Desiree Perez, who helped me get into this program,” Uzi revealed. “I didn’t want to do it, but I had to — and I can say now that it was a great thing to do. I spent seven months in rehab. The first month and a half were hard, but after that, it was easy, because the people there became my family. They showed me so many different outlets and ways to cope with life. We did a lot of group talks, a lot of writing on whiteboards. I was so sure that it wasn’t going to work, but surprisingly it’s pretty effective.” Perhaps that’s the reason for the return to the iconic purple dreads? Check out the new pictures above and let us know what you think in the comments!