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During a recent Instagram Live, one fan suggested that Lil Uzi Vert “find God.” The rapper proceeded to defend themself, noting that the commenter doesn’t even know them in real life. They proceeded to go on a rant, telling the audience that their persona doesn’t define who they really are. Lil Uzi Vert went on to claim that the only people they answer to are their mother and their grandma. The rapper has previously been accused of trying to promote satanism through their music, which they’ve denied in the past, which could explain the commenter’s suggestion.

“Okay what make you think I don’t believe in a higher being just because of what I talk or how I talk, how I look, how I walk, how I react to stuff,” Uzi asked the commenter, “That don’t mean nothin’, don’t ever say nothin’.” They went on, saying, “Listen, let me tell you something. I know when I do wrong them ladies I was talking about—my grandma my mom—they call me when I do wrong.” The rapper claims, “They ain’t called me this whole time because they know for real, for real, bruh. So they ain’t really trippin’ on nothin’ because they know me for real I know how I was raised.”

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Lil Uzi Vert then turned the comment around on the fan. “You talking about find God, come on man you don’t even know me,” they explained. “And if you telling me find God, you don’t even know God. You don’t know me.” “You don’t know God. You telling me find God and you watching me,” Uzi told the commenter, “So why you watching a person that you’re telling to find God?” The rapper finished their rant, saying, “You don’t know who I really be on in real life. You don’t know my life for real for real. You don’t know me, man.”

As of late, Lil Uzi Vert has been teasing the release of their upcoming album, The Pink Tape. The rapper provided fans with a small taste of what’s to come, sharing a snippet of one track online last week. Although the album currently has no official release date, they previously hinted that fans can expect to hear it later this month.

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