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Lil Uzi Vert has announced that their highly anticipated project, The Pink Tape, will be released later this month. While appearing at The Roots Picnic, they hinted at the album’s release window. During their performance, Uzi brought back their iconic purple dreadlocks hairstyle, which they had when their career first took off, making it a recognizable look. This decision thrilled fans on social media, who expressed their excitement at seeing this familiar style. One Twitter user even wrote, “Wow, Uzi is back, they’re about to release a classic,” displaying their anticipation for the upcoming album.

The Pink Tape has been a project that Uzi has been teasing since at least 2021, gradually building anticipation. However, in recent months, they have been providing more frequent updates about the album. In March, Uzi spoke to TMZ and revealed that they had been sober during the recording process. Initially, it was a challenging adjustment for them, but after about a month, they got used to it. Uzi explained that they had expected their creative process to be different without drugs, but it turned out to be even better. They found that they could think more clearly, their words were no longer slurred, and their music became more coherent. This allowed them to create songs with specific themes and avoid relying solely on improvisation or going with the flow of the beat.

Uzi Previews New Banger From “The Pink Tape”

Earlier today, a new snippet from an unreleased Lil Uzi Vert song surfaced online. It can be heard in the video above, which was posted on the Our Generation Music Instagram account. It is difficult to hear what is being said based on the quality of the audio. However, many still expressed their opinions in the comments, for better or worse. Some think the clip is fire. Others, however, seem to think that Uzi has fallen off.

“I could never get into dude music,” one commenter said. “Him or Carti shi just below mid.” Others shared a similar sentiment, pointing out that they think the quality of Lil Uzi’s music has gone down considerably. “Oof man’s fell off,” one user said. “Nah keep it,” another agreed. However, the comments weren’t all bad. In fact, many people seem hyped for the new song. “The Pink Tape gone collide all these new rappers sound into one,” one fan said. “That rock/rap gone be showcased at a high level.” What do you think of the new snippet? Are you with it or no? Be sure to sound off in the comments to let us know your thoughts.