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Lil Uzi Vert is taking extra precautions to prevent leaks of his upcoming album, The Pink Tape. During an Instagram Live session on June 8, Uzi treated fans to unreleased music and shared the album’s release timeframe. To protect the album from hackers, they showcased a unique chain featuring a flash drive instead of a pendant. The flash drive contains the highly sought-after files for their third album. Uzi expressed the significance of the chain, stating that it is more valuable than any of their other chains, and they wear it every day.

Sporting their signature vintage purple dreads, the Generation Now rapper reaffirmed that The Pink Tape will be released at the end of June, emphasizing that they cannot wait any longer. The rapper even said that if necessary, they would release the album themself. “The album is coming at the end of this month,” they revealed. “I can’t hold off no more. Like, you know me, I’m crazy. Even if I have to drop it myself, it’s coming out at the end of the month.” A keen-eyed fan in the comments section pointed out that June 23 is National Pink Day, which would align nicely with the release of Uzi’s new project.

DJ Drama Also Confirmed That Uzi Is Coming Soon

In April, DJ Drama confirmed that Lil Uzi Vert is very close to finishing The Pink Tape. During an appearance on the Justin Credible Podcast, Drama mentioned that the album was in its “final stages.” Uzi’s producer, Lyle, also informed fans on Instagram last month that they are taking their time with the project. According to the producer, they all want to ensure it becomes a “classic” rather than a collection of random songs. While that may be difficult to hear for those who are tired of waiting, it will benefit Uzi and their fans in the long run.

Lyle further revealed that Uzi has been recording about five songs per day. Reportedly, the quality of the tracks keeps improving as time goes on. Clearly, this extremely extensive recording process has contributed to the album’s delay. The producer noted that it is challenging to narrow down a selection from over 1,500 songs to create a cohesive album. However, it would appear that they have almost done just that. Are you excited for Lil Uzi’s new album? Sound off in the comments to let us know!