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As he finishes up the first year of his 40s, Lil Wayne looks to be feeling more confident in himself than ever before. It was just a few weeks ago when the Louisana native declared himself to be “the best rapper alive” during a performance. Elsewhere in 2023 we also saw him sit down with Missy Elliott, at which time he reflected on the earlier days of his career when he put out over 100 features in 2007 alone.

Back then, Weezy said he couldn’t switch to any radio station in the car without hearing one of his songs. “That was an amazing moment and an amazing time. I remember being able to get into my car and turn on the radio. I don’t care if I got the station wrong, could’ve switched to a pop station by mistake, I’m still on that motherf*cker!” he humble-bragged to Elliott during their chat. In his latest interview, this one with Rolling Stone, Wayne’s confident attitude continued to shine.

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Lil Wayne Chats with Rolling Stone

When asked about who his ideal Verzuz competitor is, the “How to Love” hitmaker made it clear that he’s not one for facing off against anyone but himself. “I was interested in Mixtape Weezy going against Lil Wayne,” he teased. “That would’ve been crazy,” the legendary lyricist added before confirming he meant he aspires to split his discography’s greatest hits in half between the two eras we’ve seen him deliver over the years. “What other artists you think?” Wayne asked the outlet.

“There ain’t no other artist that can stand on the stage next to me, bro,” he further declared. “I’m sorry.” As Complex notes, Weezy discussed another interesting idea for the singing competition show last November, suggesting that his Young Money roster could show out against a few Roc-A-Fella alumni in the future. Is there a rapper that you think could face off against Lil Wayne on Verzuz and win? Let us know in the comments, and read more from his Rolling Stone interview at the link below.

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