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Lil Wayne recently discussed the impact of his sixth studio album, Tha Carter III. Despite the fact that the 2008 LP was a massive success, he revealed that it doesn’t really hold a special place for him. Though the album likely stands out to his fans, he says he can hardly remember it.

“I’m going to be so honest with you: I don’t know Tha Carter IIITha Carter IITha Carter One from Tha Carter IV. And that’s just my God’s honest truth,” he told Rolling Stone. “You could lie, you could ask me [about] such and such song, I wouldn’t even know what we talking about. So it holds no significance to me at all.” When the rapper was asked about the success the album received in 2008, he explained, “I don’t even know if that’s when Tha Carter III came out. That’s how much I don’t know. I work every day, bro — every single day.” He went on to share, “I always look at it as the curse part of the gift and the curse. I believe that [God] blessed me with this amazing mind, but would not give [me] an amazing memory to remember this amazing sh*t.”

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Lil Wayne Has A Bad Memory

Lil Wayne Says
Lil Wayne performs onstage during day 2 of 2021 ONE Musicfest at Centennial Olympic Park on October 10, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

The rapper also shared that his Tha Carter series is “Not a favorite at all” for him. He says, “My favorite song is the last one I record. And then I will forget it after the next one I record.” Lil Wayne described how “Every single action, every single word, every single approach,” is motivated by his desire to be known as the best rapper alive. “The reason why I’m still only listening and working on my own shit is because I’m in it. I believe once you start trying to listen to everybody else, you ain’t in it no more. You just happy to be here. But not me. I’m in a gym working on my own game,” he explained.

Lil Wayne also discussed his feelings surrounding a hypothetical Super Bowl halftime performance during the interview. “We wouldn’t even worry about the game after that,” he described. “Everybody knew that one kid [who] was watching the halftime show, but that’d be one of the first Super Bowls that they’ll be like, ‘Both teams were out on the field watching the halftime show.’”

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