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Lil Wayne has four children. His eldest is musician and reality star Reginae Carter. She recently landed her own show alongside her mother Toya Johnson. His second child, Dwayne III, was born to radio personality Sarah Vinn. Then there was Kameron, a son born in 2009 to Wayne’s long-time on-off partner Lauren London. Finally, there is Neal, who was born two months after Kameron in 2009. Musician Trina was also at one time pregnant with Wayne’s child, but lost the pregnancy due to a miscarriage.

By all accounts, Wayne is a devoted and dedicated father. Despite any beef or legal issues Wayne has run into over the years, his reputation as a father has never been tarnished. This has been reiterated by Reginae and seen through this co-parenting of Kameron with London. And this claim was on full display during a recent podcast appearance that the rapper made.

Lil Wayne Puts Son Over Podcast Apperance

While appearing on Matt Barnes’ podcast, Wayne abruptly stopped the show. “That’s Kam, he going to sleep,” Wayne said pulling out his phone. “He gotta get his goodnight.” A moment later, Wayne facetimes his son, “Goodnight, boy. I love you,” Wayne says. “Gimme some,” he adds, wiggling his fingers in front of his phone camera. “Is Boss Man asleep?” he asks, referring to Kross, Lauren London’s son with Nipsey Hussle. When Kam says he is, Wayne looks over his shoulder at the large mural of Nipsey. “They got a picture of his dad here. He looks just like him…I’ll take a picture of it and send it him.”

It’s an adorable and heartwarming moment. Furthermore, it shows the love that Wayne also has for Kross, despite the child not being his. Wayne has long been praised for his maturity and attitude when it comes to parenting. This video is perfect proof of that. Get all the latest music news and viral videos here on HotNewHipHop.