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Logan Paul is someone who has gone through various phases of his fighting career. Overall, he started out as a YouTuber turned boxer who fought KSI in the ring. Subsequently, he fought KSI again and lost. However, he was somehow able to get himself yet another fight, against Floyd Mayweather. In the midst of this, Paul has become a mogul in the sports drink world thanks to his KSI-assisted venture, Prime. Needless to say, Logan is doing very well for himself, despite what the haters say.

Now, it would appear as though Logan Paul would like to enter a new realm of combat sports. Of course, we are talking about none other than MMA. The UFC is one of the biggest entities in the world at this point, and even his brother Jake has expressed interest in it. In fact, according to TMZ, Logan Paul teamed up with Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski for a training session in Puerto Rico. That is where Logan resides right now, and he got some pointers from some legends.

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Logan Paul Trains With Izzy

In the video up above, you can actually see that it was quite the gauntlet for Logan Paul. He got to spar with Adesanya, who was quick to put him in a chokehold. Although Paul tried his hardest to get out of it, he simply couldn’t. He eventually tapped out and conceded. However, he did note that he was almost able to get out of the trap. No matter what, it is impressive that Paul would still have the bravery to go out there and get in some reps with someone who is a legend.

Legendary Training Sesh

Moving forward, there is no telling what Logan’s plans may be in MMA. It would probably take a long time for Dana White to let him fight against his combatants. Regardless, it is always fun to go out and try something new. Let us know what you think about Logan’s efforts, in the comments section down below.

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