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Ludacris has officially endorsed Jack Harlow for his creative reimagining of Fergie’s 2007 track, “Glamorous.” As many know, Harlow heavily sampled the mid-aughts hit on his own song, “First Class.” According to Luda, he did justice to the original. In an interview with GQ, the Atlanta-born rapper discussed some of his most iconic tracks. These include “Southern Hospitality,” “Area Codes,” and “Move Bitch.” However, Ludacris also touched upon his collaboration with Fergie on “Glamorous.” The single was a huge, double-platinum hit from Fergie’s 2006 debut album, The Dutchess. Ludacris explained that when considering the collaboration, he had to take into account Fergie’s more pop-oriented style. The rapper himself has his own gritty, Southern sound.

In order to appear on the song, Ludacris apparently did some pretty deep thinking. The rapper posed the question to himself, “How does this fit into the Ludacris world?” He wanted to push his boundaries and surprise people with unexpected choices. He also wanted to explore new subject matter by collaborating with an artist who hadn’t been previously associated with him. Further explaining his approach, Luda said that he considers various factors when evaluating a record. Among those favtors are his belief in the song, its tempo, and the timing of its release.

Ludacris Speaks On Hip-Hop Purists And Sampling

Fergie and Ludacris during Super Bowl XLI – Pepsi Smash – Show in Miami Beach, Florida, United States. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc)

Ludacris also spoke with GQ about his feelings on sampling songs. The magazine asked about the objections of Hip-Hop purists to artists sampling relatively new tracks like “Glamorous.” In response, Ludacris appeared unfazed and even supportive. In fact, he seemed to encourage it. The sample from Fergie’s popular song was featured in Jack Harlow’s chart-topping hit “First Class” in 2022. The song reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. While “Glamorous” could technically be considered a newer song, it is still 16 years old.

Ludacris expressed his approval of the sample. “How can I not be okay with it? I’m doing shows, and there’s a whole new generation that is identifying with the record, even if they haven’t heard my verse, simply because Jack Harlow is doing it over,” Luda said. “I feel like he did it justice. It would be different if it was a poor rendition, but it’s not. Jack Harlow did it exceptionally well, and I enjoy the record.” The rapper went on to acknowledge the viewpoint of Hip-Hop purists. However, he believes that if one refuses to accept what is new, they will only hinder themselves. He emphasizes the importance of embracing new developments, even if one may not personally like them. Do you agree with Ludacris? Sound off in the comments below to let us know!