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Marlon Wayans insists that he is not responsible for missing his upcoming show due to an incident with United Airlines. However, the police seem to see things a bit differently. They have issued him a citation related to the incident. According to a spokesperson from the Denver Police Department, Wayans had a confrontation with a gate agent from United Airlines. This happened earlier today, (June 9) while attempting to board a flight from Denver. After speaking with all parties involved, including Wayans, the police cited him for disturbing the peace.

A witness shared that Wayans became upset when he was instructed to check a bag during the boarding process. This is something that can often happen, but Wayans wasn’t having any of it. Allegedly, he slammed his ticket on the counter. Then, he proceeded to board the plane despite the gate agent’s attempt to stop him. The gate agent then called for security. However, a source close to Marlon claims that he was initially told to consolidate his bag. Later, he was informed that he had to check it.

Wayans Finds A Way Out

Around 30 minutes after the initial desk incident, Marlon Wayans was escorted off the plane. Reportedly, that’s when the police became involved. There is video footage of Marlon looking angry as he leaves the ticketing counter. TMZ has posted the video, which can be viewed above. Wayans expressed his frustrations with the airline on Twitter after the event. “If this is how United treats their first-class customers… I’d rather fly any competitor coach,” he said. “Sorry KC, I’m gonna miss tonight’s shows due to a United gate agent who probably hated white chicks.” In this tweet, he references the movie White Chicks that he and his brother, Shawn, starred in back in 2004.

Marlon was scheduled to perform at the Kansas City Improv on Friday night. However, he claims that the entire ordeal caused him to miss the show. He further tweeted, “It’s not my fault; blame the gate agent and United Airlines.” He went on to reiterate that he can’t believe that the airline would treat customers so badly. “I can’t believe how they allow their first-class customers to be treated this way,” Wayans tweeted. “I need corporate to reach out, DM me. This agent was rude.” A source informed TMZ that Wayans eventually managed to fly out of Denver using another airline. What do you think of the ordeal? Was Marlon Wayans in the wrong? Let us know in the comments below!