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What is it that you find so compelling about Hip Hop?

I have a deep love for Hip Hop because it represents a modern form of shamanic music. Its rhythmic beats have the power to transport us into a trance-like state, Evocative of ancient rituals where tribes celebrated the cosmos, spirits, and elements.

Hip Hop serves as a “modern reincarnation” of tribal music, reflective of the times when people played trance-inducing beats to connect with the invisible world and the energies that permeate our existence. It reflects the understanding that everything in the universe is energy, as validated by scientific findings.

To me, Hip Hop is the gateway to tapping into the trance-like nature of subatomic particles, allowing us to experience a profound connection to the rhythm and energy that underlies our reality.

What led you to develop the concept of “Spiritual Hip Hop” and what does it represent to you?

One day, while experimenting with Hip Hop rhythms, I found myself spontaneously improvising tranquil melodies over the trance-inducing beats. This birthed the concept of “Spiritual Hip Hop,” which Reflects the dual purpose of calming the mind through soothing melodies and revitalizing our energy through captivating grooves. In today’s fast-paced world, it is precisely what we require – a means to quiet our minds and rejuvenate our spirits.

How has Michael Jackson influenced your song ‘Yoganandance’, which has crossed the milestone of 100,000 views on YouTube? 

In 1998, during his Paris tour, Michael Jackson expressed interest in meeting a French spiritual artist. I had the incredible opportunity to be chosen for a private meeting with him at Musee Grevin. Our 45-minute conversation was truly captivating, exploring deeply topics of spirituality and rhythm. Recently, I felt a strong connection to his energy and soul, which inspired me to create an Indian Hip Hop groove through beatboxing. As I sat near my piano, a book by Yogananda caught my eye. Upon opening it, the words “we must meditate, affirm and believe, we are sons of God” resonated deeply. Each syllable effortlessly aligned with the melody and beat, as if it were meant to be. It all came together within minutes, an undeniable manifestation.

I played, looped, and jammed on all the instruments, blending Hip Hop and BeatBox in a captivating loop. With a jazz and scat background, my love for groove and fusion of real vocals and loops ignited. Rejecting quantization, I embraced the raw essence of inspiration. Hip Hop, to me, echoes our primal roots.

I shared my creation with the esteemed Music Director, Myron McKinley of Earth Wind and Fire, and the exceptional sound engineer producer, Esteban Calderon, in LA. Instantly, we sensed something extraordinary, a profound depth that stirred our souls. The world echoed our sentiment, as our creation garnered +100,000 views on YouTube.

Now, I stand before you, ready to offer my soul-stirring anthem, ‘Yoganandance,’ in the sacred halls of Carnegie Hall on June 6. And alongside it, the luminous song ‘Never Alone,’ born from the film of the same name, graced by the divine presence of Deepak Chopra and Gabriella Wright.

Join me on this spiritual odyssey as we dance in the realm of transcendent beats, where the music becomes a vessel for calming our minds.

How did you manage to bring Hip Hop to Carnegie Hall on June 6? 

Since 2016, I’ve been fortunate enough to grace the stage of Carnegie Hall, an iconic and revered venue that holds a special place in the world. Each year, I strive to present a truly unique concert experience. And this year, I am thrilled to infuse the vibrant energy of Hip Hop into the show. We will weave intricate loops into our performance, adding a dynamic and captivating dimension. As a grand finale, we will unleash an exhilarating Hip Hop Jam, featuring an extraordinary ensemble of musicians including Stacey Lamont Sydnor, the awe-inspiring drummer from the Jackson 5, the legendary Myron McKinley, music director of Earth Wind and Fire, and the talented Cellist Ro Rowan. Together, we will create an unforgettable fusion of sounds that will ignite the stage and leave the audience in awe.

How do you approach wellness, specifically for the young hip hop generation, as a singer and meditation teacher? 

By incorporating calming harmonies into hip hop music, we have the potential to help the younger generation find inner peace. Hip hop serves as a powerful means of communication with today’s youth and can contribute to reducing ADHD symptoms. ADHD has become a widespread issue in our modern era. Recent research from Microsoft reveals that human attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish, with less than 7 seconds of focused interaction in person and less than 3 seconds online. It is unrealistic to expect someone who is stressed and struggling to concentrate to simply be told, “Now, focus on your breath.” Our world has undergone significant changes, and our approaches to wellness must adapt accordingly, offering techniques that are more suited to our unique 

circumstances, without requiring strenuous exercises or intense concentration efforts.

In a nutshell, what is OMMM, the concept you will be showcasing at Carnegie Hall?

OMMM, founded by Michelle Narciso, Maria Alphonse, and myself, is a world movement dedicated to calming the mind. Our mission at OMMM Foundation is to provide free, curated, and practical resources for wellness and spirituality, making them easily accessible to all. Additionally, OMMM Inc. offers tailored meditation programs for corporates and enterprises seeking transformative experiences.

Through immersive experiences like meditating with dolphins, a course with 100 videos, and a wellness channel, we aim to help individuals find calm in today’s chaotic world. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and make a positive impact on their lives.

As we prepare for our Carnegie Hall event, we are excited to showcase OMMM’s transformative power. Join us on this incredible journey as we strive to create a more peaceful and harmonious world, one calm mind at a time.


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