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Vivica A. Fox recently said she would be open to rekindling her romance with 50 Cent, who she briefly dated in 2003. “Well, [Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez] did it again. Why not?” Fox said on The Sherri Shepherd Show. However, Fox also noted, however, that 50 appears to be in a dedicated relationship. “[50 Cent] has a beautiful girlfriend by the name of Cuban Link… Recently, he gave her something, but I don’t know if it was an engagement ring. But it was a beautiful ring,” Fox said during the same interview.

However, the affectionate comments caught the attention of Nick Cannon, who talked about the whole thing on a recent episode of The Daily Cannon. Cannon is no stranger to controversial comments. Recently, he caught some heat for saying he wanted to impregnate WWE star Bianca Blair. However, has he crossed the line again with his new comments about 50 Cent?

Nick Cannon Fat Shames 50 Cent

“You can, like, fantasize about Fif from 15 years ago. That’s a different Fif than this fat n-gga that’s walking around now,” Cannon remarked. “I still would date the shit out of him,” co-host Mason Moussette shot back. However, the defense of 50 only seemed to empower Cannon. Maybe Cannon just wants to start some beef with the rapper? After all, Cannon recently revealed that he wants to start a band with his kids and nothing generates hype like a very public beef.

“I guarantee you, 50 Cent will come on this show,” Cannon continued. “And Imma play this clip about both of y’all saying y’all wanna fuck him. He is fat! He look like he got a pack of hot dogs in the back of his neck. You lookin’ at them pictures from Get Rich or Die Tryin’, now it’s get thick or die fryin’!.” Do you think Cannon’s comments crossed the line? Would you date 2023 50 Cent? Let us know in the comments. Follow all the latest music news here at HotNewHipHop.