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A basketball court that NLE Choppa donated to his community less than two weeks ago went up in flames this weekend, causing significant damage to what the rapper hoped would be a safe space for children. According to Action News 5, Memphis Fire Department arrived at the “Dream Court” at the Raleigh Community Center on Saturday morning. At around 7 a.m., they witnessed the court as fire damaged the state-of-the-art facility that the Cottonwood 2 rapper donated. The MFD believes that an accident involving fireworks caused damage to the court.

The rapper opened the court less than two weeks ago in partnership with Nancy Lieberman Charities. The court opened up at the Raleigh Community Center as Liberman’s latest philanthropic venture. “We get in positions to give back, to be an inspiration, to be motivation for the youth,” said NLE Choppa. He further explained that he wanted to create a place where kids can safely make friends and play basketball.  “We’ll do everything we can as a city to make this right,” said Nick Walker, Memphis Parks director.

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NLE Choppa’s Mom Speaks

Some residents in the area didn’t even have the chance to use the court before it went up in flames. His mom and manager, Angelita Potts, told Fox 13 about the fire and the impact it has on the community. “All types of things run through your mind and it’s like, who in the world would destroy a basketball court that is built for kids,” Potts said. “It’s heartbreaking in general, but it doesn’t make you feel a little better or at ease to know that it wasn’t intentional.”

Despite the unfortunate incident, NLE Choppa already plans to repair the damages and re-open the court, especially as summer vacation approaches. Potts said that the rapper’s working alongside the city council to ensure that kids can play basketball safely. “We’re working with the city and city council to try and see what we can do,” said Potts. “But with him being himself, he’s just thanking God nobody was hurt. It could’ve been worse.” We’ll keep you posted on anymore updates surrounding NLE Choppa’s “Dream Court” in Memphis. 

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