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Trotwood, Ohio artist, Boogie Woods, has made a big splash into the spotlight with his single “Trust Issues”,  and hasn’t shown signs of slowing down his musical run yet! Boogie is at it again with the release of a 6 song EP titled ‘22 Sessions’. When we spoke with Boogie Woods we asked him the meaning behind the title of this project and he answered, “This project is made up of unreleased songs from studio sessions back in 2022. I thought about coming up with a flashy title for this EP but decided to just let the title be more simple so that the songs can speak more freely and independently from one another”. After hearing this we were curious about why these songs hadn’t seen the light of day until now. Boogie answered us with, “The songs on this project were also supposed to be a part of other projects but didn’t quite make the cut. I still thought these songs still needed to be released though, and that’s how they ended up together on this project”. 

We found it crazy that these are the songs that didn’t make the cut for some of the projects he’s been working on. The quality and subject matter of these 6 tracks are so impressive that it seems absurd to see them as throw-aways for a compilation style EP.

Out of the 6 tracks on this project, some of the songs that stand out to us are “Life is Crazy”, “Blue$$$”, and “Trust Issues”. These three tracks are so different from each other that it truly shows the musical range of Boogie Woods. The amount of talent that it takes to convey the emotions of heartbreak, spiritual awakening, and braggadocious pride to this extent is extremely high and impressive.

You can easily lose yourself to any song on this project and immerse yourself into the world in which they evoke and find yourself abruptly snatched into a whole new world once the track ends and the next one begins. You can listen to Boogie Woods mixtape ‘22 Sessions’ on all streaming platforms now!