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Elle Brooke is one of the biggest success stories on OnlyFans. The 25-year-old was originally a law student at the University of Southampton before dropping out to pursue content creation full-time. While OnlyFans doesn’t show creator subscriber numbers, Brooke is reportedly in top 0.001% of users on the site. Per her site’s description, she offers “BOY/GIRL 🍆 GIRL/GIRL 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩THREESOMES ANAL 😈 HUGE SQUIRTS 💦 ROLE PLAY & FANTASY 👩🏼.” Furthermore, Brooke has nearly one million followers on Twitter.

Brooke appeared on Piers Morgan’s Talk TV show on June 9. Morgan, a veteran conservative journalist, has long been a purity culture warrior. It’s an amusing position for Morgan to hold, given that he oversaw a culture of phone hacking while editor of The Daily Mirror. Regardless, Morgan was totally unprepared for the verbal evisceration he received from the OnlyFans star.

Elle Brooke Completely Destroys Piers Morgan On Air

“Way worse than an online stripper,” Brooke began her takedown of Morgan with. Fair warning to any would-be conservative pundits out there. If that’s a sex worker begins their answer to you, you are in for a bad time. “I mean, strippers just take their clothes off, I do much more grotesque stuff…Pornography, whatever, all of it. But it’s all within what I want to do and I absolutely love doing it. And I’m really good at it.” In true conservative pundit fashion, Morgan pulled out the classic gotcha question, asking Brooke about the effect her career might have on her future children. “Well I don’t really want kids right now,” Brooke replied, continuing to eviscerate the veteran journalist. After Morgan splitters and ad hominems himself into a corner, Brooke delivers her knockout punch.

“They can cry in a Ferrari,” Brooke said with a coy smile. As the camera cuts back to Morgan, you can see both the displeasure and defeat in his small, sad eyes. Clearly, Morgan expected the interview with the 25-year-old content creator to be a victory lap in which he painted her as a vapid and vulnerable millennial worth of shaming. However, Brooke was charming, hilarious, and a credit to sex workers everywhere. Morgan took an undeniable L on his own show and should think twice before inviting a sex worker onto his show for the purpose of shaming her and her profession.