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Hip-Hop is a culture founded on lyrical virtuosity, and the art of rapping is appreciated and held in high regard. The best rappers can create stories that resonate with their audience and transcend time by crafting songs that encapsulate the essence of their experiences and emotions. With that being said, allow me to introduce to you the lethal lyricist, Quis Chandla!

The New Jersey-native is a master of his craft. In fact, he mixes metaphors, similes, and other literary elements to paint pictures with his lyricism. In doing so, he generates memorable lines that linger long after the music has stopped. Throughout his trailblazing career, he explores the entire spectrum of hip hop lyricism, from sophisticated, multi-syllabic rhymes to socially conscious musings. Early in his recording career, he developed his formula and has remained with it. The thought-proving spitter never strayed far from his lane, blending aggressive turn-up tracks with some introspective cuts and throwing in a couple of joints for the ladies.

Overall, after hitting a new level with his lyricism and album-crafting, he has firmly established himself as one of the top rappers to watch in the game right now. Don’t believe me? Press play on his latest offering “Mission #1” featuring The HitSystem here at Hip Hop Since 1987.

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