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In a recent video, Reginae Carter describes ongoing pressure that she feels the world puts on the younger generation. She gets emotional in the clip, revealing that she’d appreciate if people just gave her a break. Carter goes on to describe growing up in the public eye, revealing that at age 24, she is still growing and evolving.

“Growing up, I feel like you guys have seen me in different lights,” she begins. “I never hid myself. I never hid who I am. I’ve always stayed true to myself.” Carter reflects, “You guys [have] seen me grow up. You guys have seen me clap back, you’ve seen the ‘spoiled brat’ side, you’ve seen all of this. I want y’all to give me some grace and to understand that I am learning, I am only 24-years-old.” She gets emotional, saying, “Child… I’m strong as hell, but like, sometimes this world puts too much on … the younger generation. We put too much on ourselves.” “We want to be the biggest and have the most money and be all figured out in our 20s. It’s just not gonna happen, it don’t go like that,” she explains. She then went on to describe facing judgment from people older than her and suggests that people need to start helping one another and providing guidance instead of judgement.

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Reginae Carter Says The World Puts Too Much On Young People

Last month, Carter took to social media to reveal that she had been the victim of a home invasion. “Two guys tried to break in my home last night. So Glad I wasn’t there. people are sick! This is my sign to get Tf out of here, and to be more private and more to myself about everything,” she wrote on Twitter. She later shared that her boyfriend at the time, Armon Warren, didn’t check on her following the incident and instead made a YouTube video about it.

“When I see so many females bashing me because I go on Instagram and Twitter and I’m filled with emotions, and everybody does it, our generation we grew up on that…but I can’t do it cause I’m Reginae Carter…and if I do it I’m bashing somebody,” she went on to explain, “That’s not the case. I love very hard and I’m very genuine and something really big happened to me and the person who I love did not check on me, but he made a YouTube video, so yes I do feel like that’s a little clout chasing.” YK Osiris took the opportunity to shoot his shot, again, and threatened to “slap the sh*t out of” Warren.

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