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Rick Ross is receiving praise from authorities for the handling of his annual car show in Fayetteville, Georgia, over the weekend. Despite more than 6,000 people reportedly attending, the event went over fairly smoothly according to Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb.

“Everything has run very well considering the amount of people and the small traffic ways we have here, and it’s because he hired a good team,” Babb told WSB-TV. He noted that last year’s organization was significantly worse. “This year, they started putting a lot of plans in place, listened to us, we listened to them.”

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Rick Ross’ Car Show In 2022

FAYETTEVILLE, GEORGIA – MAY 21: Atmosphere at Rick Ross Car & Bike Show on May 21, 2022, in Fayetteville, Georgia. (Photo by Terence Rushin/Getty Images)

As for what changes were made, attendees were now shuttled in from nearby shopping centers and traffic was halted to allow local residents to move more freely. This also resulted in medical personnel having less trouble getting in and out. “We can get our medical equipment through here. I think it’s been good for the community as far as law enforcement because we’re getting to work together like we’ve never worked before. So, it’s a good team-building exercise for public safety. Not just law enforcement but fire and rescue as well,” said Babb. Major Marcus Dennard with the South Fulton Police Department added that the changes will help Ross with his car shows in future years. “See, this is actually monumental because it actually puts a plan in place for years to come,” he said.

Despite the improvements, not all residents were appeased. “I don’t care if it went smoothly,” neighbor John E. Jones told WSB-TV. “This community is no place for a commercial event of this size and magnitude.” He added that he and other locals will once again try to stop the event from being put on next year. Many residents tried to use the city council to shut down the car show this year.

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