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Rick Ross experienced a significant increase in attendance and success at his car show compared to the previous year. The event took place on June 3 at his estate called the “Promise Land” in Fayetteville, Georgia. It garnered a massive turnout, with thousands of fans attending and performances by Meek Mill and Gucci Mane. There were many well-known artists present, including Tyler, the Creator, 2 Chainz, and Gunplay. Additionally, the event seemed to generate excitement within the local car enthusiast community.

However, the night took an unexpected turn. Afterward, a video emerged online showing Rick Ross addressing a fan who had apparently parachuted into the car show. Instead of being offended or angry, Ross’s response was surprisingly different. Contrary to expectations, Rick Ross appeared to be delighted rather than upset. Clearly, the fan was willing to go to great lengths to attend the car show. In the video, Ross is seen smiling and addressing the situation. He even expressed his curiosity to see the footage of the parachute entrance.

Ross: “Just Don’t Jump The Gate”

Surprisingly, Ross went on to express admiration for the daring fan and expressed hope that they wouldn’t face any legal consequences. However, he did express disappointment that he wasn’t informed in advance. “The only thing I didn’t like about it is he didn’t tell me what time to expect him jumping out of the goddamn plane and landing in my backyard,” Ross jokingly said. He mentioned that when he rushed to the scene, the fan was already being apprehended but had a big smile on his face and pleaded not to press charges.

Ross did leave fans with a warning, though. He said that if someone were to jump the gate, he would handle the situation differently. However, if they were to parachute, he just requested some prior notice. In addition to the incident with the parachuting fan, there were also complaints about the aftermath of the show. Reports indicated that a nearby plaza was allegedly trashed by attendees who couldn’t access the car show but decided to party there instead. While Ross’s attorney denied any connection between the rapper and the littering, local residents are calling for him to take responsibility. What do you think of the fan who parachuted in? Let us know in the comments!