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Rick Ross is a man of exceptional taste. Overall, much of his taste has been brought out in relation to cars. Of course, he recently had his epic car show that brought out a ton of stars. Although there was some drama surrounding the show, it ended up being a great time. Moreover, he recently announced the winners, who got an exceptional cash prize. Needless to say, the artist is doing a lot for car culture, and the fans love him for it.

One car that seems to be making a lot of noise as of late is the Mercedez Benz Maybach designed by Virgil Abloh. While speaking to Complex, Rick Ross revealed that he was offered the car. However, he ultimately turned it down. “I’m going to be totally honest with you, I personally wouldn’t want the Maybach – only because I personally didn’t get it from the big homie Virgil,” Rick Ross explained. “And me scrolling through my phone while I’m on the phone with you, it was funny you asked me that because I was just offered the Maybach not even four or five days ago.”

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Rick Ross Has A Good Reason For Turning It Down

Ross went on to explain his philosophy a bit more. At the end of the day, he was willing to pay for the car, and he would have preferred to have that genuine connection with it. “And I turned it down just out of love for the old shit. That was something that would’ve meant a lot more to me coming from the homie and I would’ve paid for it or whatever,” Rick Ross said. “And I feel like whoever he autographs those for, they should most definitely appreciate that car and keep it, you know what I mean? That’s just the person I am.”

Overall, you cannot blame him for feeling this way. The Virgil Maybach is a special car, although it does feel like a status symbol at this point. For Rick Ross, getting another car is no big deal. Besides, why would Rozay need a Maybach when he has NASCAR stocks in his garage?

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