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Though his beef with DJ Envy caused a firestorm in the media leading up to his annual car and bike show, Rick Ross’ event went over relatively smoothly. While he handed out diamond chains and other luxurious prizes to winners, the multi-talent was awarded panties from patrons, which he proudly wore on his head while cruising around The Promise Land. He also gave a great performance, tapping both Gucci Mane and Meek Mill to join him on stage, much to attendees’ pleasure.

Local police have since thanked Ross for cooperating with them in making the show a success. As you may recall, he was nearly denied a permit from Fayetteville County due to parking concerns, among other things. Ultimately, though, the Biggest Boss was able to work his charm and forge an agreement with the appropriate committees. Unfortunately, he still wasn’t able to please everyone. Especially not residents of South Fulton who were impacted by a plaza in the area being trashed.

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Rick Ross’ Car Show Leaves Behind a Mess

As per Hollywood Unlocked, Ross is being blamed for the mess left behind. It’s worth noting that the area is nearly three miles away from his estate. It’s believed that those who were unable to get into the rapper’s event used the plaza as a place to party. However, his attorneys have since denied any involvement from Rozay. Beer and soda bottles left behind dangerous broken glass. Cups and other forms of litter remain in the Kroger grocery store parking lot as well.

At this time, residents are calling for the former correctional officer to step up and clean after his guests – whether they made it inside the gates or not. Do you think Rick Ross should be held responsible for the South Fulton plaza’s destruction? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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