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Rico Nasty is an artist who is always ready to drop off some bangers. Back in 2022, she dropped off yet another dope album called Las Ruinas. It was yet another great effort in a discography that cannot be matched right now. Nightmare Vacation and Anger Management were some other incredible albums that showcased her range. At this point, Rico is a mainstay in the game, and she is the perfect artist to watch at the major festivals. Her songs pack a huge punch, and her performances match this.

As of writing this, it is currently June 9th. Consequently, that means the Summer is just a couple of weeks away. This can be one of the best times for new music. The vibes are always immaculate and there are a wide range of musical stylings that work during this time. Of course, Rico Nasty has gone in the banger direction as she just dropped off a five-track EP called A Nasty Summer. For some fans, this latest EP will be a bit of a surprise, albeit a very nice one.

Rico Nasty With Some Bangers

Throughout this five-track project, Rico gives us some unrelenting bangers. For instance, the first track “Turn It Up” is just exceptional and will have you bouncing off of the walls. Subsequently, we get some nightcore vibes on “Pussy Poppin” which gives us a new sped-up version. Lastly, “Dirty,” “Countin’ Up,” and “Big Titties” continue to bring that signature Rico Nasty energy. Overall, this is going to be a fun listen for a lot of fans.

Hopefully, this new EP is an indication that Rico will be dropping more in the not-so-distant future. She is someone that fans love to hear from, and this new EP is an example of that. Let us know what you think of the new project, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news from around the music world. We will always keep you informed.


  1. Turn It Up
  2. Pussy Poppin (I Don’t Really Talk Like This) – Sped Up Version
  3. Dirty (ft. Raedio)
  4. Countin’ Up
  5. Big Titties (ft. Earthgang, Kenny Beats, Baauer)