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In a recent clip shared to social media, rapper Sauce Walka shows off a new, pricey piece of jewelry. He revealed that he spent $500K on the cuban chain, designed by Houston-based jeweler Johnny Dang. In the clip, Dang adorns the artist with the flashy necklace, wishing him a happy birthday. The famous hip hop jeweler then goes on to flex his new half-a-million dollar check. In the caption, Sauce Walka also shared with fans that they can expect to hear some new music from the rapper soon.

“Deal so MASSIVE we had to get it done at the BANK,” Sauce Walka writes, “Same exact BIG ROCK Cuban as @floydmayweather mines just shorter.” He continued, “Texas Sauce Foreva .. Happy SauceDay month to me let’s drip June 29 we celebrate.”

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Sauce Walka Shows Off His New Bling

Earlier this year, Sauce Walka was arrested for drug charges after police caught him with over 60 grams of marijuana. The rapper was charged with possessing, manufacturing, delivering, and selling with intent. His bail was then set at $5,000. His March arrest followed a series of RICO charges that members of his crew were hit with late last year. “For every violent criminal that we take off the streets, that’s one less person being victimized,” said James Smith, a Special Agent in charge of the FBI Houston division. Almost 14 members of Sauce Walka’s Houston crew TSF were arrested in December.

The rapper spoke on the RICO charges his crew received shortly after the arrests. “I don’t want to speak on this s**t too much but I see it’s so many people that’s just so joyous and so happy and hoping and praying that I go to jail in some way shape or form,” Sauce Walka Explained. He continued, “Well guess what you b***h a** mothaf***as? Let me tell you somethin’…. n***a, I’m not going to jail for s**t unless they have a crime for selling my d**k. That’s what I do. I don’t even sell b***hes, I sell my d**k.”

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