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Earlier this week, the Back On Figg podcast hosts took to social media to share a clip updating fans on the status of ScHoolboy Q’s next album. The hosts went on to share that the album is currently in the works, and will be arriving “very very soon.” ScHoolboy Q seemingly confirmed the news, when he retweeted the clip and referred to the hosts as “my guys.” He also responded to a fan who suggested he was “cappin,” telling them “I’m actually not.”

“We been in the mixing process of ScHoolboy Q’s album,” one of the podcast hosts said, “That shit is coming very very soon.” They continued, “The album sounding fire. We just now letting y’all know. This is something big right now. We have been in the studio with my brother every week. The album sounding fire. Fire, you know what I’m saying?” They went on to say, “It’s crazy to be in those processes because I’ve never really been in the mixing process. It’s also an experience, you feel me. And we kind of documenting the whole process… The album is there.”

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ScHoolboy Q’s Album Is “Sounding Fire”

ScHoolboy Q announced the upcoming album back in 2020, and fans haven’t heard much from the rapper since aside from his single “Soccer Dad” last year. The untitled album will be his sixth full-length album, following his 2019 LP CrasH Talk.

In a previous interview with MTV News, ScHoolboy Q discussed considering retiring from his rap career to focus on his family instead. “I can’t hang it up yet, but it’s getting close to that point,” he explained. He added, “I’m not tryna keep missing this stuff. It comes to a point where you starting to put music before your kids and family, and it’s like, that’s not what I signed up for. But at the same time, it’s what pays the bills and it’s what I love to do. My daughter actually loves to see me do it, too.”

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