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Shannon Sharpe is going to be leaving Undisputed very soon. In fact, the plan is for him to leave the show once the NBA Finals are over. Overall, this is something that a lot of fans saw coming. After all, Sharpe and Skip Bayless had gotten into quite a few arguments as of late. It was becoming clear that the work environment was toxic, and subsequently, Sharpe is going off to do his own thing. Although fans are going to miss this dynamic between the two co-hosts, it seems like this is actually just the best course of action for everyone involved.

Now, many are speculating over who could replace Shannon Sharpe. Of course, in the eyes of many, Sharpe is irreplaceable. He is a force on TV, and it is hard to see anyone else sitting across from Skip. However, the executives at FS1 are looking for someone who can excite viewers. Additionally, they want someone who can truly deliver some wild hot takes. Well, it seems like Fox may have just found that person. Although, fans might be a bit surprised by who it is.

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Shannon Sharpe Is Leaving Soon

According to Front Office Sports, LeSean McCoy is expected to be given an “extended tryout.” For those who don’t know, the former NFL star is a co-host on SPEAK with Emmanuel Acho. This is a show that typically airs in the afternoon. Furthermore, McCoy has been known to offer up some truly wild hot takes on this show. That said, he could be the perfect fit to replace Shannon. However, his chemistry with Skip may turn out to be a problem. At this juncture, we truly do not know how this would play out or what it would even look like.

Presently, this is all just a rumor and FS1 has yet to actually confirm everything. However, we imagine more names will begin to pop up over the coming days and weeks. After all, they have to find a replacement soon. Otherwise, it is going to be a long road ahead for the network, as well as Skip himself. Let us know who you think should be the replacement, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news from the sports world.

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