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Shaquille O’Neal recently posted a TikTok where he tells other producers to watch out. “Learning production has made me realize just how talented y’all really are damn,” he writes, “but im learning a lil everyday and im coming for that throne.” The video shows him seated on a flight with his headphones on, honing his skills.

Shaq has been focusing a lot on his musical endeavors lately, dropping a new freestyle just last month. He rapped over the iconic nu-metal song “Bodies,” with the help of Lex Bratcher and Scarlip. “Lil Freestyle for y’all. Never would i have thought DJing would get me here!!” he wrote to fans, “But when it’s your time, it’s YOUR TIME. Im beyond grateful.” “Thotties Hit The Floor (MONSTER MASHUP)” is also accompanied by a music video, which features all three artists.

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Shaq Is Honing His Production Skills

Scar Lip also shared in an interview that when Shaq sent her a supportive DM, she couldn’t even believe it was real. “It was like four in the morning, [and] something told me [to] check my phone. I look and see [that] Shaquille O’Neal text me. I said, ‘Is this a dream? Is this real?’ [and] I started jumping up and going crazy,” she revealed. O’Neal reportedly told the young rapper, “yo keep spitting that hard sh*t,“ adding, “It’s time for you to take over New York.”

O’Neal also recently got emotional about the late Kobe Bryant during NBA TV’s broadcast on Sunday. While discussing 23rd anniversary of the Lakers’ iconic dub against the Trail Blazers, he said, “I’m happy that happened, but every time I see my young fella, he’s not with us anymore, kinda makes me sad.” He continued, “Shout out to his mom and dad, we talk all the time, his sisters. Of course it was a happy moment, but if I could trade that moment and have him sitting here with us or be able to text him and say, ‘Kob’ can you believe this happened 23 years ago?’ that would be better for me.”

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