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Skip Bayless is someone who doesn’t always get a ton of respect from NBA fans. Overall, there is a pretty good reason for this. He can sometimes be overly critical of certain players. Additionally, he is also disrespectful at times. This disrespect has sometimes been directed at his co-host Shannon Sharpe. Interestingly enough, Shannon is leaving Undisputed soon, and many point to Skip’s antics as the reason why. That said, they continue to cover the NBA Finals, at least for now.

Last night, we got to see a fantastic game from the Miami Heat, who stunned the Denver Nuggets with a fourth-quarter run that won them the game. Although, it was players like Max Strus and Bam Adebayo who led the way for the Heat. Jimmy Butler struggled throughout much of the match, just like he did in the last few games against Boston. Overall, fans are wondering what is up with Butler, who hasn’t been carrying his squad. As Skip Bayless explains, it could be because Jimmy Butler’s father is sick.

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Skip Bayless Speaks

“We haven’t seen Playoff Jimmy [Butler] now for 7 straight games,” Skip Bayless explained. “He is going through an issue with his father who is not well… I think he might be a little distracted, if not a little drained, by going through that.” All-in-all, this is a very bizarre thing to speculate on. At the end of the day, Butler has not disclosed anything of the sort. Moreover, it just feels like yet another instance in which Bayless has overstepped a bit. Once again, this has to be another reason why Shannon Sharpe wants out of there.

Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat seem locked in right now. They are making it very tough on the Nuggets, who on paper are the better team. However, this is a series that could end up going the distance. Let us know who you think is the better team, in the comments section down below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the sports news.

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