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Slim Thug gave his opinion on the concept of “happy endings” during a recent video posted to social media. He explained that a single person should have every right to engage in the activity with a willing masseuse.

“If she was a fine masseuse lady and she wanted to give me happy ending, I’m widdit,” Thug said after getting his hair done. “I even got a budget for that. When you single, it’s important that you exercise your single rights. One of your single rights as a single person is to go get a massage and get a happy ending. So, if you can find that, you should enjoy that. Because when you get in a relationship, that’s when you get in trouble for shit like that.”

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Slim Thug At The BET Hip-Hop Awards

Slim Thug during 2006 BET Hip-Hop Awards – Nintendo VIP Lounge and Media Lounge – Day 2 at Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. (Photo by Moses Robinson/WireImage for BET Network)

Slim Thug continued: “This the warning of exercising your single rights like me. It’s addictive. The freedom of being single and being able to do whatever you want to do is up there with money and sex. If you in a relationship, you can’t just say, man I’m up out this bitch, I’m gone. I’m telling you man, exercise your rights to be free and do whatever you want to do, every day, okay?”

Discussing happy endings isn’t the only topic Slim Thug has made headlines for covering on social media as of late. He also recently reacted to the arrest of his stalker, who he claims is “mentally ill.” In doing so, Thug asked her loved ones to keep her away from him for her own good.

Slim Thug Discusses Happy Endings

“They got my stalker yall today is a good day,” he said in a post at the time. “if u love her keep her ugly ass away from me she be making fake pages of me and showing up to my house everyday I’ve never messed with her in life if y’all believed that y’all are just as crazy as her.”

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