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On the scale of “heartwarming memory you’ll treasure forever” to “burning down a national park”, the gender-reveal party for Zion Williamson’s daughter was pretty bad. Sure, it was a touching and sweet moment for Williamson and the mother to-be, Ahkeema. But it was immediately derailed by a salacious Twitter thread from musician and OnlyFans model Moriah Mills.

Mills claimed that she and Williamson have been an item for sometime, hooking up as recently as last week. Furthermore, Mills claimed that Williamson is paying for her to move to New Orleans, where currently plays in the NBA.“I warned you about trapping type hoes @Zionwilliamson and you didn’t listen to me I know the game f**k u and congrats again,” Mills wrote to Zion Williamson. “The bill was too high so you had to scrap for crumbs when you couldn’t see me or I was busy.” She then went on to go off some more. “I motivated u to get back in shape I let you fuck me all kinds of ways and film me on your phone @Zionwilliamson and you impregnate a low budget pornstar dna test or I’m done !!!!!!!” she wrote on Twitter.

Stephen A. Smith Weighs In On Zion Williamson

Of course, Stephen A. Smith wasn’t going to stay away from this one. The veteran broadcaster took to his evening show to give some hard truths to Williamson. “Where am I going?” Smith asked after recapping the situation. “Man, you only played 29 games last year and you missed the season before that. What the hell is taking you so long to get healthy? Well, now I know. You’re young, you’re not married, you can do what you want to do. It’s a damn shame she’s putting your stuff out there like that, need to cancel her. But there’s another issue here…You know, I’ve been waiting a long time for the injury to heal, to cure, Zion. And I’ve been waiting a while. Team been waiting for a while.”

He continued. “I mean damn bro! No wonder you ain’t healthy. I’m talking ’bout your legs. We need those legs spry. We need you bench press with your big self, we need you bench pressing about 400lbs. And we need you running up and down that court. He’s a man child, but you can’t get healthy. Your lower extremities……..were compromised.” Williamson is one of the great disappointments of the past few years. After being drafted in 2019, Williamson has played in just 114 games. He missed the entirety of the 2021/22 season and he has failed to hit 30 games in two of the three seasons he has played in. This latest scandal is only going to energize the claims that Williamson was a bust who is simply not built for the NBA.