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Stephen A. Smith is easily the most famous man on sports television at this point. Overall, he is always being shown on TV, particularly on ESPN. In the eyes of many, he is the sole entity that is keeping the lights on over there. He has been a key figure in their sports coverage over the years, and he effectively runs First Take. Although not everyone likes Smith and his approach to television, he is most definitely a ton of fun to watch on a daily basis. This is especially true now that the NBA Finals are here.

However, Stephen A. isn’t always interested in the Finals. Sure, he knows the Finals make for interesting conversation. Although, he much prefers when the Finals are in a location that he can live lavishly within. For instance, during the Finals between Milwaukee and Phoenix, he seemed to be disappointed. Moreover, he felt the same way in 2019 as the Raptors took on the Warriors. However, now that they are in Miami, he is prepared to live his “Act Bad” fantasy.

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Stephen A. Smith Is Excited

In the video clip above, you can see just how excited Stephen A. gets about being able to spend the week in Miami. Games 3 and 4 of the NBA Finals will be played this week, with Game 3 going down tomorrow. Their series is tied at one a piece, although that doesn’t seem to matter here. It seems like Stephen A. could hug and kiss every person who works at ESPN for allowing him to cover the great game.

Over these coming days, it will be interesting to see what Stephen A. gets up to. Overall, there is a lot to do in Miami. There are vices around every corner, and he will have to do his best to stay away and focus on the prize. Hopefully, the series goes six games and he is able to go back. For Smith, that is the best case scenario.

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