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Hip Hop/R&B artist SyckCeZzy is a musical “Don” and “Boss.” Confident and with a dope flow, he does everything in a colossal way. He has big dreams and the talent to match. The dynamic rhyme slinger was born in Missouri and raised in Richmond, Virgina. He is shaking up the independent music scene with his critically praised and fan-approved singles and live performances. SyckCeZzy’s style is a blend of reality rap and braggadocious lyricism. He kicks sharp rhymes over bass-heavy tracks while telling realistic stories about his life and his peers. His sound hearkens back to the days of hard body beats and grimy rhymes delivered with authenticity. There is an undercurrent of realness in his voice. “Everything I’ve seen, done, felt, heard, been through, and witnessed I put in my music,” proclaims the rapper.   

Equally important, every time SyckCeZzy steps into the booth his goal is to create timeless music that resonates with the masses. He is flying high above the competition and earning massive respect among his peers. Many are describing him as Rap’s emerging artist to watch. As an artist, he is direct, and real. His music is like a movie but through words. At times brilliant and at times daring, SyckCeZzy is thoroughly engaging. “My mission is to hustle hard for my family and surround myself with people who can uplift me,” states the rapper. His mentor is the renowned Hen Gee.

Giving back to the community is important to SyckCeZzy. Hence, he not only grinds for himself, but for his community as well. He is determined not to live in the shadows of someone else’s legacy. He is here to create his own lane. SyckCeZzy comes equipped with gritty lyricism, powerful hooks and an irresistible blend of dope beats. The production is handled by various producers from his FinalLevelMusic collective. His music is like a new strain of Hip Hop. It’s cool yet hot and laid back yet outspoken. This multifaceted entertainer is a force to be reckoned with. The rising star has released the magnetic Summer anthem called “Doin’ Chores” featuring Ice T’s protege Fedie Demarco. The lyrics are relentless, and the beat is hard. Part of what makes SyckCeZzy so alluring is that he continually strives to connect with the listener. He’s hungry and highly motivated.