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Very few rappers went from stars to behind bars as quickly as Tay-K. That hasn’t stopped him from working on new music though. According to a new message he sent to fans via a Discord server he has some new material. The message saw Tay-K telling fans he hopes that they’re ready for what he’s been working on. Even before the new Discord serves Tay-K was finding ways to communicate with his fans from jail.

Back in March he shared a letter to fans on his Instagram account. In the letter he reflected on his own journey and how he’s influenced others to live better lives. The letter received a pretty positive response from fans who continue to prop up the #FreeTayK movement. Tay-K appreciated the response and let fans know with a Tweet about a month later. In the Tweet, he expressed love for fans that are continuing to fight for his release. He also acknowledged that there’s a lot of misinformation about him in the world and insisted that the truth will eventually come out.

Tay-K Talks To Fans Once Again

Tay-K’s biggest hit “The Race” reached the top 50 on the Hot 100 and was eventually certified platinum. Unfortunately, legal issues have been following him since before the song was even released. He was already on the run from U.S. Marshalls on the day the song was released in 2017. In fact, before the song was ever recorded he was already wanted for participating in the murder of Ethan Walker. He was put on trial for that murder in 2019 which is what ultimately led to his incarceration. While he was found not guilty of capital murder, he ended up pleading guilty to lesser charges that resulted in a sentencing of 55 years to life.

The rapper still has other ongoing legal issues moving in parallel with his current incarceration. Despite his current situation Tay-K continues to fight for his innocence both through the court system and in public opinion. What do you think about Tay-K’s message to fans and his potential upcoming new music? Tell us in the comment section below.