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TMZ is alleging that Taylor Swift and Matty Healy have called it quits on their relationship. The site says that this news comes from sources close to the couple. The reason for the breakup remains unclear. The pair had quite the whirlwind romance. Just last month, Matty appeared at all three of Taylor’s Nashville concerts. This happened shortly after news broke of her split from Joe Alwyn. Taylor and Joe had been together for six years. Since then, Matty and Taylor were often seen together when she wasn’t performing. They were spotted on multiple occasions in NYC. They went on double dates with Taylor’s friends and visited a recording studio together. There were even instances of Matty sneaking into Taylor’s NYC townhouse. He reportedly spent time with her father during her Eras Tour stop in Philadelphia.

Despite only recently starting to date, Taylor and Matty have known each other since 2014. At the time, Taylor attended a concert held by Matty’s band, The 1975. However, the couple hasn’t been seen together in public since their dinner date on May 25. The exact timing of the breakup is unknown. Still, there was a significant hint during The 1975’s performance in Denmark over the weekend. Matty, who had a reputation for kissing random people in the crowd, had previously declared that he would stop doing so during a January concert attended by Taylor. However, during the Denmark date, he kissed a security guard. This indicated to many that he is now embracing the single life.

Taylor’s Relationship Caused Quite A Bit Of Bad PR

While the reason for the breakup is still not known, it wouldn’t be surprising if Taylor decided to end it for the sake of her career. She isn’t a total stranger to bad PR. However, the significant backlash she received on all sides for dating Matty Healy was not a good look. Ice Spice fans raised concerns regarding the artist’s association with Taylor Swift. Some fans believe that their collaboration on the song “Karma” was a strategic move to divert attention from the reported racist behavior of Matty Healy. One fan even took to Twitter to compile a thread documenting Healy’s offensive actions. These included derogatory remarks about Ice Spice and mocking AAPI accents. This thread gained significant traction, prompting questions about Healy’s conduct.

Shortly after these allegations surfaced, Taylor made the announcement of her collaboration with Ice Spice. The surprise guest appearance by Ice at one of Taylor’s concerts further fueled speculation that it was an attempt to control the narrative. Critics argue that Taylor’s actions reflect a lack of concern for her fans, suggesting that her focus lies more on profit and avoiding criticism. Accusations have also been made that she is using a black woman as a shield to deflect attention from white supremacy. What do you think of the breakup? Was it the right move? Let us know in the comments below!