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Tom Brady can now say that he’s been in a MrBeast video, who you can argue is the Tom Brady of YouTube. Of course, MrBeast is the massively popular YouTube that the internet either loves or hates. He’s best known for videos flexing his incredible wealth, doing philanthropy, or recreating things like Squid Game. Meanwhile, Tom Brady is just some guy who threw a football pretty well in the NFL.

Jokes aside, Tom Brady is currently living life post-NFL after officially retiring earlier this year. He’s bought some sports teams, confirmed that he’s definitely staying retired despite those sports teams sucking, and also prepared to become a broadcaster on Fox in 2024. However, in case he ever needs to find a job again, “Was in MrBeast video” is a pretty good thing to put on his resume.

Tom Brady Appears In MrBeast Luxury Yacht Video

The link-up occurred in MrBeast’s June 10 video “$1 v $1,000,000,000 yacht”. The YouTuber works his way through various levels of yacht, scaled by pricing. That’s when TB12 himself appears, running into MrBeast around the $300 million price point. MrBeast challenges Brady to try and hit his drone cam with a football, which Brady agrees to. However, humble ol’ Tom plays up the whole “oh I don’t think I can” routine. In fact, he goes as far as to say that if he gets it first try, he’ll un-retire.

MrBeast sets up the drone about 20 or 30 yards away from the yacht. Brady had a career completion percentage of 64.3% on passes over 20 yards. And of course, Brady threads a beautiful pass right into the body of the drone, which goes tumbling towards the sea below. And if that wasn’t enough, Brady then accepts another challenge to throw a deep ball pass to Beast’s associate, Carl. Carl is about 70 yards out on a jetski and yet Brady once again delivers a perfect downfield pass. The challenge is spoiled a little by Carl completely fumbling the catch but that’s completely on him as Brady’s pass is perfect. What do you think Brady’s trick throws? Let us know in the comments. Follow all the latest sports news here at HotNewHipHop.