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Tory Lanez and his legal team, comprised of lawyers Matthew Barhoma and Jose Baez, have filed a motion to disqualify Judge David Herriford. They claim the Los Angeles County Superior Court judge has shown favoritism to the prosecution. In addition to presiding over Lanez’s two-week trial in December, he also rejected the rapper’s motion for a new trial.

“Conversely, the judge gave the People a full and fair opportunity to present argument uninterrupted, even when the case cited by the People did not stand for the proposition that they advanced,” the defense attorneys wrote in their filing.

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Tory Lanez In Concert

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – SEPTEMBER 04: Tory Lanez performs at Bridgestone Arena on September 04, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

They continued: “Together, these facts reveal such a high degree of favoritism or antagonism as to make fair judgment impossible. Given these facts, a reasonable person would fairly entertain doubts concerning the judge’s impartiality. As a result, disqualification is required.”

Herriford previously dismissed accusations of favoritism in a written order at the time Lanez filed a motion for a new trial.“I am not prejudiced or biased against or in favor of any party to this proceeding or their counsel,” he wrote at the time. “All rulings made by me in this action have been based upon facts and arguments officially presented to me and upon my understanding of the law. … All statements made by me and all actions taken by me in this proceeding have been done in furtherance of what I believe were my judicial duties.”

A jury found Lanez guilty on three felony counts in regard to the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion in December. He faces a maximum of 22 years and eight months in prison. Prosecutors have been open about wanting a harsh sentence for Lanez. They argue he “demonstrated a high level of callousness” with the shooting and the court should punish him accordingly. His sentencing will go down on June 13.

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