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During a recent appearance on the Rap Radar Podcast, Tyler, The Creator shared his thoughts on his first studio album, Goblin. Fans may be disappointed to hear that the artist‘s debut effort isn’t anywhere close to his favorite, however, he does say it continues to hold a special place in his heart. “Goblin is f*cking terrible,” he explains, “But I still love it.”

He continues, “It’s an energy and an aura that it has. And hearing my wonky synths, and gross drums, and me not realizing I’m yelling on every song and saying the most wild shit is what got people there. It’s not about the music. If you were there, that energy and that aura and that air just cutting through what everyone else is doing is so important.” He goes on to say, “It’s still some ones on there. I still think, ‘Yonkers,’ is awesome. ‘She’ is awesome. The first two versions of ‘Nightmare’ is ill, ‘Tron Cat’ is still awesome. ‘Analog’ is still cool, like there’s still a few things on there but people don’t know like, a lot of songs on that album were just like, random songs I recorded after Goblin that we kinda just, yeah here I got these songs.”

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Tyler, The Creator Still Loves Goblin

Tyler, The Creator also shared details of his experience attending Jay-Z’s annual Pre-Grammy Roc Nation Brunch in February during the appearance. “Illest part of the Roc Nation Brunch, I went for three reasons. I always wanted to go just ’cause I never went,” he revealed, “Two, I was curious what food they had there. And three, I wanted to see how many times I could be called ‘king.’ I counted nine.” He went on, “And the illest part is Jay let me park my BMW right in the front. Everybody else had to shuttle. He let me park it right in front in the hills. Probably top four moments I’ve ever felt cool. Like, the textbook cool.”

He did, however, share that having priority parking at the event had one major downside. He explained, “My homie sent me two weeks ago Christian Combs’ Instagram and these motherf*ckers had a photo shoot with my car in front of the God damn Roc Nation! And I saw Christian last night and I shoulda told him, ‘N***a, don’t sit on my God damn car!’ I like Christian, I’m just saying, but that was ill.”

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