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Tyler, The Creator dropped Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale at the end of March. The Estate Sale serves as a post-album EP to Tyler’s 2021 Call Me If You Get Lost, which spent one week at #1 in July 2021. The Estate Sale adds a bunch of new tracks to the well-received album but “Stuntman” has had fans speculating ever since it was released.

“Stuntman”‘s last verse in particular has gotten a lot of attention. Many fans believe that the lengthy verse, performed alongside DJ Drama, is a direct call-out of Kanye West. References to meds, hoes, and hypocrisy all helped build to the conclusion that verse was a subtle diss of Ye.

“Stuntman” Verse Not About Kanye

Appearing on RapRadar, the rapper hit back at these claims. “I’ve seen fans saying on the last verse of ‘Stuntman,’ people were like, ‘Oh, he’s talking about Kanye!’” he said. “And I’m like, ‘You guys are fucking stupid and have terrible comprehension skills.’ I would never disrespect — like, no, I love that n-gga. That is not about him. It’s actually about the rest of the world. “When I say, ‘Wipe your feet on that door mat before you speak.’ Again, people just being hypocrites. And I say, ‘How you tell us that you real but you stay off the meds.’ By ‘stay off the meds’ I mean people be out here on every drug in the world talking about they a real n-gga and they one hundred. And it’s like, ‘That’s a lie. You’re drugged up right now. You sound stupid.’

“And then I say, ‘How you call that girl a ho but got 10 baby mommas.’ I hate the double standard people have on grown women having sex and being a fucking adult, that shit is weird. And n-ggas be out here having kids that they don’t even take care of and fucking everything, but have the nerve to call someone a [ho]. N-ggas sound stupid. In fact, Tyler breaks down every single line of the verse to explain how literally none of it is about Kanye. The full clip is well worth a watch.