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Wendy Williams’ son recently accused her team of negligence. He attributed her declining health and alcoholism to their actions. However, the manager of the former talk show host has now denied these allegations. Kevin Hunter Jr, Wendy’s son, lived with her in Florida from late 2021 to Spring 2022. Last May, Williams relinquished control of her finances to a court-appointed guardianship. When that happened, Kevin lost much of the support he had been receiving from her. In an interview with The U.S. Sun, he stated that her alcoholism was the main cause of their strained relationship.

Hunter mentioned, “I know the amount of alcohol she consumes is not like a normal person — and we’ve talked about it. And it has reached a point where it could be fatal because it affects her much worse than an average person since it stays in her system.” He went on to describe his mother’s deteriorating condition and blamed the people around her for enabling her destructive behavior. According to him, Williams’ inner circle has been taking advantage of her wealth and poor judgment while she struggles with substance abuse. “There are many people who are well aware of her drinking problem and how it could be addressed, but I believe these people are exploiting the situation while making it seem like they are not causing the problem,” he continued.

Wendy’s Manager Responds

Wendy Williams attends Daniel’s Leather Fashion Show featuring Dame Dash at Harbor New York City on February 15, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Wendy Williams’ manager, Will Selby, has since refuted Hunter’s claims in a conversation with Entertainment Tonight. Selby questioned, “Taking advantage of her for what? To get what? To do what? I’m not here to boast, but I was doing just fine before Wendy came along, and I offered my assistance because she requested it.” He went on to explain how futile it would be to try to take advantage since every decision has to go through a court. “Wendy is under guardianship. Every action of hers requires approval from the guardianship, a court-appointed one,” Selby said. “So, even if someone wanted to take advantage of her, everything has to be approved by that court.”

Hunter clarified that he didn’t intend to sound angry because his mother’s team might not grasp the severity of her condition. However, Selby believed that discussing personal matters with a publication instead of reaching out privately to Williams was an inappropriate decision on her son’s part. “I’m not here to argue about his allegations,” the manager said. “He’s entitled to his opinion. I’m simply suggesting that as adults, we should be responsible and use common sense. When someone, like your mother, is near death, why would you go to an online publication to discuss it with them?” Selby gave little in the way of an actual health update on Wendy Williams. What do you think of the situation? Is Wendy’s team taking advantage?