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Westside Gunn found himself engaged in a Twitter dispute with a producer over a payment disagreement. The exchange started with a tweet from Ewonee, a beatmaker. He inquired about where to send his invoice for a song by Griselda artist Estee Nack. The beatmaker’s tweet came in response to a post claiming that Westside Gunn pays his producers well. Gunn took offense to Ewonee’s tweet. The rapper accused him of burning bridges by publicly calling him out and saying that Estee Nack had given the impression that the beat had been cleared.

Furthermore, Gunn expressed his disappointment. He went on to highlight his support for artists and emphasize the importance of communication. He mentioned his preference for working only with his team. This is due to what he perceived as a lack of vision and disrespect from others. Gunn concluded by stating that he would no longer accept beats unless he personally reached out to the producers. That is an unfortunate development for other beatmakers who may have wished to work with Westside Gunn.

Westside Gunn Had Time Today

Unfortunately for both Westside Gunn and Ewonee, that was not the end of the discussion. Ewonee responded to Gunn’s tweet. He stated that he was unaware his beat was used on Estee Nack’s album and that he didn’t receive credit. Gunn then assured him that he would remove the song from the project. He further advised him to privately address any future complaints about his work. In a separate tweet, Ewonee emphasized the need to recognize those who speak up and revealed that this was not the first time he had experienced issues regarding credit.

Gunn later reflected on the situation, expressing his frustration at always being portrayed as the “bad guy” despite his efforts to take care of his family, spread art and love, and positively influence others. He saw the backlash as a consequence of his success and acknowledged reaching a new level in his career, expressing gratitude to God. The Twitter spat highlighted a payment dispute between Westside Gunn and a producer, but it is hardly an isolated incident. Many producers complain of the same treatment. However, it does bring up the question of professionalism. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!