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YesJulz has recently cleared up some ongoing rumors on social media. Earlier today, she shut down claims that she was in the car with Terrence J during his 2018 car wreck. She also spoke on rumors that she has slept with NBA star LeBron James.

She discussed accusations that she was the mystery woman seen in the car with Terrence J during his alleged hit-and-run. “I’ve told my truth and the next time I see any media platform spreading a false narrative about me my lawyer is going to sue the f*ck out of you,” she wrote on Twitter, “Try me if you’d like, I’ve got the budget & motivation to fight back now.” YesJulz went on to call out Joe Budden, who she’s previously had beef with. “That goes for you too, Joe Buggin. I wasn’t the one in the car & I’m not letting that narrative continue without repercussions either.” She added, “Enough is enough.”

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YesJulz Says Her And LeBron Were Just Friends

YesJulz also squashed rumors that she slept with LeBron James, claiming that the two of them were never romantically involved. “I have never in my entire life been alone with LeBron James,” she said, “Period.” She explains, “Clearly we were friends, I was working in Miami I was one of the most popular party goers and throwers in Miami.” The personality went on to describe working alongside James. She asks, “Do you think that somebody who’s married would Tweet and take pictures with and be around somebody that they’re […] doing something with?”

YesJulz later explains that that claims she slept with the pro baller don’t even make sense, because at the time, she was dating one of his friends. She revealed that her relationship with James’ friend ultimately didn’t work out, but they remain friends. The personality says she has the “utmost respect for Savannah [James],” and thinks that the married couple has a “beautiful family.” YesJulz is sick of “this stain” being put on her name.

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