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YFN Lucci has been offered a plea deal by the DA, according to reports. The rumored deal would leave him spending 17 years behind bars if accepted. He’s charged with various crimes at the moment, including manslaughter, racketeering, six counts of aggravated assault, and more. He’s serving time now for RICO charges that follow a 2021 drive-by shooting. The incident led to the death of James Adams. Though Lucci is not believed to have killed Adams, per Georgia law he is being held responsible as an accomplice. The rapper was one of several other people charged in Atlanta as part of a major indictment.

In April, a clip of YFN Lucci appearing to pour lean in a jail cell hit the internet. Though it’s unconfirmed what he was pouring into the various bottles, social media users noted that if it was in fact lean, he’d be breaking some major rules.

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YFN Lucci’s Alleged Plea Deal

In March, legal documents surfaced that appeared to reveal that YFN Lucci refused to testify against Young Thug and YSL in court despite their reported beef. Lucci was stabbed in jail in 2021, and authorities suggested that the people behind the attack were members of YSL. Young Thug and YSL are also facing their own RICO charges at the moment, and it was speculated that Lucci might choose to testify against them. “Lucci’s name ain’t this case. Lucci on the victim’s side. So Lucci telling,” Wack 100 said last year.

Reporter Goerge Chidi tweeted in February, “YFN Lucci’s trial was due to begin January 9, same as Young Thug’s.” “The YFN gang and RICO case is just as wide-ranging as the YSL case,” he claimed, “The two are connected; Lucci is a witness. But Lucci’s trial date has been postponed, his attorney said Tuesday. No new court date has been set.” He went on to write, “For clarification: Lucci is on the state’s witness list. That doesn’t mean he’s going to testify, but he could still be called.” Lucci’s attorney has denied rumors that he will appear as a witness in the YSL case.

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