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In the vibrant world of music where creativity knows no bounds, Yung Muusik, the multi-talented, award winning R&B singer, songwriter, and rapper from YMS Selections, has been making waves with his latest CoverMix titled “Flyest in the City.” With his original single “BooThang” also gaining attention, Yung Muusik is solidifying his place in the industry. Let’s dive deeper into his music journey, his inspiration behind the CoverMix, and the memorable bars that make it an unforgettable experience.

1. Meet Yung Muusik:

Yung Muusik, the dynamic artist hailing from Compton, California, has captivated audiences with his signature blend of R&B, rap, and soulful melodies. With a commitment to delivering soul-stirring compositions, Yung Muusik has dedicated himself to his craft for the past decade, refining his skills and honing his unique sound.

2. The Latest Offerings:

Yung Muusik’s recent release, the CoverMix of “Flyest in the City,” showcases his artistic prowess. Inspired by the original track performed by King Combs, Fabulous, and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, and produced by Hitmaka, Yung Muusik couldn’t resist putting his own spin on it. The result? An absolute fire that has left fans and music enthusiasts alike in awe.

3. Musical Journey and Influences:

Yung Muusik’s love for music runs deep, as he has been singing and writing since a young age. However, his passion truly ignited ten years ago when he decided to take his musical journey seriously. Influenced by the greats of R&B and hip-hop, Yung Muusik infuses his own personal experiences, emotions, and storytelling abilities into his music, creating a style that is uniquely his own.

4. From Compton to Hollywood:

Born and raised in Compton, California, Yung Muusik draws inspiration from his roots and the experiences he gained growing up. Now located in the vibrant center of the entertainment industry, Hollywood, Yung Muusik finds himself in the midst of a bustling creative community that continuously fuels his musical ambitions.

5. The Motivation Behind the Remix:

When Yung Muusik first heard “Flyest in the City,” he was immediately captivated by the infectious vibe created by King Combs, Fabulous, and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. Driven by a desire to be a part of this incredible production, Yung Muusik decided to put his own lyrical finesse into play. The world went wild when he released his CoverMix, resulting in a wave of appreciation and love for his unique take on the track.

6. Unforgettable Bars:

Among the most memorable bars in Yung Muusik’s “Flyest in the City” CoverMix, one that stands out is, “But she can take my Instagram down, so I can follow, I can do the ouchi wolly, lick it while she swallow.” This line not only showcases his prowess with words but also exemplifies his ability to create unforgettable hooks that resonate with listeners.


Yung Muusik’s blazing CoverMix of “Flyest in the City” is a testament to his exceptional talent as an R&B singer, songwriter, and rapper. With his unique style, captivating storytelling, and undeniable passion, Yung Muusik has carved a path for himself in the competitive music industry. Be sure to check out his CoverMix as well as his original single “BooThang” on all major platforms. Yung Muusik is an artist worth keeping an eye on as he continues to innovate and inspire.